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Cell Phone Repair, Tablet Repair, custom Gaming Computers Boca Raton. We are so confident with our service that if we can’t fix the problem, you don’t pay. All workmanship comes with a 30 day guarantee

Smartphone Repairs in Boca

iPhone Screen Replacements in under 20 minutes” Our company is reliable, and our work is trusted. We repair most major brands FAST!

Gaming Computers

Gaming Computers built to your specs. We build gaming computers that Boot up in 7 seconds and shut down in less than 4 seconds.


  • Screen Replacement
  • LCD Replacement
  • Sound Issues
  • Button Issues
  • Charging Issues
  • Other Phone Issues


  • Stocktrading custom Computer
  • Business Servers and Workstations
  • Refurbished Computers
  • Refurbished Laptops
  • Computer Parts and Laptop Parts
  • Computer Memory
  • Computer Cases
  • Computer Motherboards
  • Computer Power supply
  • Computer CPU’s
  • EVGA video cards


  • Virus removal
  • Spyware and adware removal
  • Windows operating system install
  • Microsoft office install
  • Database Applications
  • Project Management and Software
  • Custom Built Applications for Your Business
  • Web Design


  • Server & Desktop Support
  • On-site & Remote Support
  • Monthly Server Maintenance
  • Off-site Backup
  • Same Day Service
  • 24/7 Support

Cellphone Repair, Tablet Repair, custom Gaming Computers Boca Raton

We Specialize in Cell Phone Repair, Tablet Repair, Custom Gaming Computers Boca Raton

Cell Phone Repair, Tablet Repair, custom Gaming Computers Boca Raton look now further than CDSBOCA!

Cell Phone Repair Boca Raton

A Cell Phone Repair  service  at CDSBOCA. Cdsboca is a state of the art cell phone repair center. With our skilled and trained techs we can repair all the popular mobile phone brands. Not only can we repair the Apple iPhone, AT&T, and LG, but we can also repair Motorola, and Samsung. In addition our techs have the experience to repair the Nokia, and Blackberry.  As well as T-Mobile,  Sony Ericsson, and other popular cell phones. Let CDSBOCA be your cell phone repair center.

The basic phone repairs we see at cdsboca include broken LCD screens, cracked phone window lens, and glass touchscreen digitizers. But we can repair water damaged cell phones that have been shorted out. Don’t replace your phone over a broken, or non functioning charger port. We  can repair a bad mic, or a bad ringer in your cell phone. The staff at cdsboca can repair all this, and more. Bring us your broken cell phones and let our experienced techs repair your phone for you. Just because its broken, does not mean its no good. CDSBOCA provides additional cell phone service such as unlocking cell phones and phone sales.

Let our trained techs unlock your phone to use with any service provider you need. Why be locked to a provider when you don’t have to be. And when your ready for a new cell phone we carry the latest in new, used, and also refurbished cell phones, and all at discounted prices. We carry all the latest cell phones and accessories you will need.

Tablet Repairs Boca Raton

Tablet repairs are here at CDSBOCA. CDSBOCA is a Factory authorized on-site repair center for iPad repairs  and other brand name Tablet repairs. Our facility  is a state of the art Tablet repair center. Our  trained techs can repair all iPads and tablets. This is  including, all versions of the iPad Air, as well as all versions of the iPad Mini. Our techs will thoroughly diagnose the problem and provide you the correct solution to fix your iPad. We don’t leave anything to guess work. We will find the problem, and then fix it. Let us the place you trust with all your repairs.

Common iPad repairs include  damaged iPad screens,  as well as, a cracked iPad glass touchscreen digitizer. However, we also do repairs for iPads that have been exposed to water damage. Moisture and humidity will also cause your iPad to short out.  Does your  iPad or tablet have a non functioning charger port, bad mic, or speaker? Don’t throw it away. The techs at CDSBOCA are able to fix broken charger ports, speakers, and mics.

The staff at CDSBOCA can repair all this  and more. At CDSBOCA our trained techs will take the time to get it right the first time. Other services we offer as well at repairs are upgrades, backups, replacement iPads. Stop in or call CDSBOCA to learn more about our services. Our techs can do full a full backup of your iPad, we can do all your software updates, and remove all virus’s and malware from your iPad.

Gaming Computers Boca Raton

We carry a complete line of products for custom built gaming computers and computer repairs: including but not limited to computers, laptops, motherboards, CPUs, memory, hard drives, power supplies, computer cases, USB cables, Ethernet cables, and much more. We also have a fully staffed computer repair lab in the store. All computer repairs and laptop repairs are done on the premises. Our gaming systems will be built to your specifications. We can do a full blown custom gaming system using Intel processors, or AMD processors. You can choose from a selection of graphic cards, Hard Drives, and the amount of memory you would like. When it comes to  top Gaming systems no one builds them better then CDSBOCA. Stop on in and our techs will start building your new gaming computer.

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