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Our Most Popular Cellphones Repairs

  • iPhone 7, 7+ Repairs
  • iPhone 6S, 6S+ Repairs
  • iPhone 6, 6+ Repairs
  • iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and SE Repairs
  • Galaxy S8, S8+ Repairs
  • Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Repairs
  • Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge + Repairs
  • Galaxy A7, A5 Repairs
  • Galaxy Note 5, Note 4 Repairs
  • Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL Repairs
  • LG G6, LG G5 Repairs
  • Oneplus 3, Oneplus 3T Repairs

Authorized Cell Phone Repair Center | We fix broken, damaged cellular phones

Cell Phone Repair  services  at CDSBOCA. Cdsboca is a state of the art cell phone repair center. With our skilled and trained techs we can repair all the popular mobile phone brands. Not only can we repair the Apple iPhone, AT&T, and LG, but we can also repair Motorola, and Samsung. In addition our techs have the
experience to repair the Nokia, and Blackberry.  As well as T-Mobile,  Sony Ericsson, and other popular cell phones.

The basic phone repairs we see at cdsboca include broken LCD screens, cracked phone window lens, and glass touchscreen digitizers. But we can repair water damaged cell phones that have been shorted out.
Don’t replace your phone over a broken, or non functioning charger port. We  can repair a bad mic, or a bad ringer in your cell phone. The staff at cdsboca can repair all this, and more. Bring us your broken cell phones and let our experienced techs repair your phone for you.

Broken Cell Phone Repair Parts | Cell phone Screen Replacement | Cellular Phone Spare Parts

In-stock repair parts cover the Apple iPhones, Blackberry, Motorola’s, Nokia, Samsung, LG, and the HTC Pda smart phone. We also stock the repair parts for the Palm, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile Sidekick, Pan-tech, and Kyocera.  The cell phone repair parts we carry in stock include LCD screens, and window lens with touch screen digitizer. But we also carry in stock parts for the housing, faceplate, antenna, and keypad as well as speaker parts.

The Speaker parts include the ear-piece speaker, the hands-free loud speaker, ringer, and microphone. Also available in stock are charge ports, system connectors, flex cables, plugs, side rails, and grommet covers. We carry track balls, hinge and shaft plug caps, battery doors and covers, switch’s, cameras, and sim card readers as well. We have in stock a variety of other parts for your phone. Bring your broken cell phones into cdsboca, and let out experienced techs repair your phone for you.

Cell Phone Unlocking Service | Unlock Any GSM Cellular Phone

The reason network providers SIM lock phones is to offer them at a discounted price to the customers. In exchange, the customer signs a contract to pay for the use of the network for a specified time period. This  allows the network provider to recover the cost of the phone over the life of the contract. Do you have
cell phones from an old service provider collecting dust in a drawer? Do you want to change your carrier and still keep your phone? Come in to cdsboca and see us, we have the answer. Whatever the situation maybe, when your phone needs to be unlocked,  come in to cdsboca.  Let our trained techs unlock your phone to use
with any service provider you need. Why be locked to a provider when you don’t have to be. We will help you take control of your cell phone needs.

Cell Phone Software Upgrade

Techs at cdsboca can upgrade your software, and remove a virus from your cell phone. We also do dead cell phone flash programming, along with software modifications and updates. In addition we can program and configure text services on your cell phone. Our techs will get your text, sms and mms messaging working properly on your unlocked phone. Finally we can restore your cell phone to the default  factory settings. Setting your phone back to the factory defaults will clear up application conflicts on the phone

Keeping your cell phone software up to date will prevent virus attacks, and hacking attempts on your phone. Updated software can also protect your phone from ransomware attacks. Keep the software on your cell phone updated.  Protect the personal information that you store on your phone.

Cell Phone Info Backup

When its time to replace your old cell phone come see us at cdsboca. Let our experienced techs safely transfer you personal data to your new phone. We can backup, transfer, or print your valuable information from your cell phone. We can then move the data from your old damaged phone, to your new phone. This includes phone book contact names and numbers. In addition to email addresses, your pictures, videos and even some of your text messages and ring tones can be transferred. Its important to make backups of your phone data.  Data can become corrupt, and  when this happens its lost. But when you have a backup you can restore all your data as before. Important data you won’t lose, because its backed-up includes contacts, email addresses, one of a kind photos and videos.

Replacement Cell Phones

When your ready for a new cell phone visit us at cdsboca. We carry the latest in new, used, and also refurbished cell phones, and all at discounted prices. A refurbished phone is one which came from the manufacturer with a defect. The phone is then sent back to the manufacturer, the defect fixed, and the phone re-certified. The phone is sold at a discounted price as refurbished. A used phone means pre-owned. A customer traded it in for a new phone. Used phones are wiped clean and set back to the factory default settings. Customers who look for a less costly phone buy used phones at discounted rates.

Our customers are not required to sign any contract to purchase one of our cell phones. Cdsboca’s goal is to get our customers the right cell phones at the right price. Our friendly staff will answer
any questions you may have on a phone, or on its features. Not sure how to access a feature? Where here to help at cdsboca. The knowledgeable staff will take time to explain and
show you how everything works on your new cell phone.

Cell Phone Accessories

Cdsboca is proud to carry and offer our customers a full line of new cell phone accessories. Not only do we carry the latest styles in  phone cases, but we also carry car and home chargers, batteries, battery doors, wireless blue-tooth headsets, stylus pens,  and memory cards in various sizes.  When you need to repair your cell phone, or looking for phone accessories were the ones you can trust.  Let Cdsboca be the place you come to for all your cell phone needs.


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