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Our Most Popular Tablet Repairs

  • Ipad 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Ipad Air 1 and Ipad Air 2
  • Ipad Mini1, 2, 3, and 4
  • iPad Pro
  • Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro
  • Samsung, and LG tablets

Authorized iPad repairs Center | We fix broken, damaged iPads and Tablets

iPad repairs in Boca Raton

iPad repairs are here at CDSBOCA. CDSBOCA is a Factory authorized on-site repair center for iPad repairs  and other Tablets. Our facility  is a state of the art iPad repair center. Our  trained techs can repair all iPads and tablets. This is  including, all versions of the iPad Air, as well as all versions of the iPad Mini. Our techs will thoroughly diagnose the problem and provide you the correct solution to fix your iPad. We don’t leave anything to guess work. We will find the problem, and then fix it.

Common iPad repairs include  damaged iPad screens,  as well as, a cracked iPad glass touchscreen digitizer. However, we also do repairs for iPads that have been exposed to water damage. Moisture and humidity will also cause your iPad to short out.  Does your  iPad or tablet have a non functioning charger port, bad mic, or speaker? Don’t throw it away. The techs at CDSBOCA are able to fix broken charger ports, speakers, and mics.

The staff at CDSBOCA can repair all this  and more. At CDSBOCA our trained techs will take the time to get it right the first time.

 Software Upgrade

Tech’s at Cdsboca can install your software upgrades to keep them up to date. As well as doing virus removal, we can  install anti-virus and anti-malware software. Protect your private information stored on your iPad by keeping your operating system updated with the latest releases. This keeps your iPad and tablets protected from malicious attacks.

Keeping current on software updates lets you run the latest versions of apps and their features. Updates also  allows the iPad hardware to run the new features inside the apps.  We also do dead iPad flash programming.  As well as software modifications to your programs. With the help of a special tool our techs are able to flash program your iPad hard drive. If your iPad has stopped working and does not take a charge, don’t throw the iPad away. Let the skilled techs at CDSBOCA recover your lost data for you.

Finally we can restore your iPad, or tablet, to the default factory settings. Resetting your device to the factory default settings will resolve a number of issues. If your iPad is running slow a factory reset will bring it back to the original operating state. If you notice apps are not working,  resetting the iPad to factory settings will re-install programs as new.

 Tablet Info Backup

At Cdsboca our trained techs can back up your valuable iPad and tablet data. This data can then be restored at a later date if necessary.  Making sure your iPad is backed up is  crucial  to protect your valuable information against theft and damage. When system updates cause iPad or app errors, a backup will restore your iPad prior to the update.

If your replacing your iPad or tablet there is no need to start  from scratch loading all your personal data. We can use your backup to load your new iPad. This will save you time and will also make sure your new device has all your personal info available to you as well as your personal pictures and videos.

We can restore pictures, video’s, music files , movies and much more. We can also restore your iPad or table to its factory default settings if your data becomes corrupted.

Replacement Tablet

When your ready for a new iPad visit us at CDSBOCA. You will know when its time to replace your current iPad with a new one. When your  iPad is struggling to open web applications, and your unable to load the latest apps on your iPad. The hardware in your iPad or tablet must be able to support the app its trying to run. This is another sign you need to replace your iPad when the hardware can no longer support software updates. You will also need to replace your iPad if your current iPad can no longer receive operating system updates.

CDSBOA carries the latest in new, used, and refurbished iPads, and Tablets. A refurbished iPad is one which came from the manufacturer with a defect. The iPad is then sent back to the manufacturer, the defect fixed, and the iPad re-certified. The refurbished iPad is then sold at a discounted price. A used iPad means pre-owned. A customer traded it in for a new one. Used iPads are wiped clean and set back to the factory default settings. Customers who look for a less costly iPad or Tablet buy them used  at discounted rates. Our experienced team will make sure you get the exact iPad or tablet  you need to run the apps you want.


Tablet Accessories

CDSBOCA offers our customers a full line of new iPad accessories. Not only do we carry the latest styles in  iPad cases, but we also carry car and home chargers. We have  batteries,  wireless blue-tooth headsets, stylus pens,  and memory cards in various sizes.  When you need to repair your iPad, or looking for iPad accessories were the ones you can trust. Looking to upgrade your iPad for a new one?  Are you looking for a used or refurbished iPad? Let Cdsboca be the place you come for all your iPad and Tablet needs.

Our team of professionals will answer all your questions with regard to the right accessories you need, to questions on how a feature works, to the questions on what’s the right iPad for me. Let CDSBOCA provide you the excellent service you deserve.


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