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Computer Design & Service(dba:CDSBOCA) is a Managed IT services company. Our goal is to create business IT solutions for all . The solution IT services gives your business all the possible choices available to it. These choices will in turn also determine how your information is optimized for performance and productivity.

No matter what your business needs are, you will  find CDSBOCA has all your supports solution right here. We offer a variety of IT support plans that not only fit your business model, but fits your budget.

Network Design

Its important that a business is operating on a network that meets their business goals. At CDSBOCA, we can tailor your network design around your business. The Engineers then ensure your bandwidth is optimized.  The Engineers will also insure that your network traffic is  distributed evenly. We will optimize the network to meet the demands of your business, and in addition keep your network efficient. We are your network solution company. With the right technology services, we help your business grow.

Our Network Design solutions are scalable. They can grow with your network as your business expands and develops.

Fully Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services are backed by  years of  experience. Our expertise has made us a respected IT company, and gives us the competitive edge. That’s why we can assist the small business community. We know that a  full functioning IT service is essential to your business. But if  IT service fails it costs a business time as well as  money. Here are some of the benefits you receive having such a service plan with us:

  • 24/7 365 Fully Managed IT Infrastructure.
  • Proactive monitoring of all IT systems.
  • Use of latest Technologies to give you the best Service.
  • On the spot Service delivery reports – Breakdown of service.
  • Frequent face-to-face Service Delivery Management.

Office in the Cloud

Businesses are increasingly realizing the benefits of working on ‘live’ documents. ‘Live’ Documents can also be edited in real time. These Documents can then be shared with team members, clients, and  suppliers. With  the service ‘Office in the Cloud’,  you can access and also edit files in real time. Files and documents can then be shared with the click of a button. With Office in the Cloud you can access your data anywhere in the country, and also anywhere in the world.  Office in the Cloud is an innovative service your business can’t be without. Its a service that will help increase business productivity. In addition valuable time will be saved not waiting to receive updated Document and needed files.  Therefore you business will also save money.

Our Office in the Cloud service can be accessed from multiple platforms. This includes the PC, Mac, tablets or smartphones. By using your smartphone, you have the versatility to access the Office in the Cloud from wherever you are . Software updates are automatic, so that your always using the current versions of Word, Outlook or Excel. You don’t have to perform the updates yourself. So you are freeing up your time.

Designed for you!

Supporting your business!

It is important for a small businesses to get effective IT services support. We understand how difficult it is for a small business to get effective IT services support. As a small business we totally understand the challenges.


We are flexible and understand the way Small Businesses think. So we know how to deliver effective Small Business IT services. And to design a specific support strategy as well.  Our commitment at CDSBOCS is  to bring our small business clients the IT support services they need. We are the solutions for the IT challenges they face every day.


The support services we can bring your business are server set up and maintenance. Monitoring daily report services, and the scheduling of system backups. We also monitor system bandwidth usage to insure network traffic is consistent across the network. In addition to remote monitoring we will provide on-site support as needed.

Serving Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Broward County.

Remote and On-site Support

The Process

Techs will Perform the IT tasks that ensure your Business runs smoothly, and without a glitch. Its what we do at best.

PC and End User Support Maintenance

This is the daily support and maintenance of your PC. It includes help desk services such as  malware protection, and hardware and software support.  You will also see the increased productivity at the employee level, and the value for your IT investment.

Server & Network Maintenance

Our server maintenance is responsible for the day to day support and management of your servers and infrastructure. We provide Twenty Four Seven  monitoring to keep informed and ahead of any possible site issues.  This allows us to address your IT needs proactively.

We provide ongoing and onsite support

CDSBOCA provides on going support for a range of small, medium, and large organizations. In addition our engineers come on site to perform maintenance, and  setup computers. Our engineers will also carry out  regular checkups of the server. As well as check your backup files, and resolve end user issues.

Serving Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Broward County.

Data and Cable Networking

How we do it?


As a part of our IT Services, we will help you design and build your data from the ground up. We specialize in firewalls, routers, managed switches, and more. In addition our IT services engineers can also run Ethernet data and voice cables through your building. Which also includes CAT6, and Fiber optics cables.

Put our IT services knowledge and expertise to work for your business.

We show you how our IT services will help grow your business. Not only grow the business, but also make it competitive, as well as efficient. CDSBOCA brings its standard of excellence, in the IT service industry, to the small and mid-sized business community.


This is the daily support and maintenance of your PC. It includes help desk services such as  malware protection, and hardware and software support. You will also see the increased productivity at the employee level, and the value for your IT investment. CDSBOCA can help your business save money with a regular maintenance schedule for your server and other business computers.

Serving Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Broward County.


Remote Support

  • Within this plan, IT support charges are determined by the number of computers being covered. Charges are based on the actual number of desktops and servers in your organization. This plan includes Twenty Four Seven remote support for your server and desktops. In addition the plan also includes a set amount of time each month for support. There are additional Charges for all on-site support.

Monthly Support

  • Purchasing a new server and neglecting to do monthly maintance has a negative impact on your business. Not only will you lose value on the server, but your busisness will lose money when the server goes down. Therefore regularly servicing your computers is required to run your business at its best. This plan includes remote and on-site support.

Block of time

  • A block-time agreement is a set amount of support hours. Clients can use these hours at any time to resolve their IT issues on a Break/Fix basis. That block of time decreases every time we do work for the Clients. These block of time are sold on an annual base and do expire in one year if not used. They include remote and onsite support.

Cloud Services

  • Let us help manage your entire cloud ops for you. Including all the benefits of Managed Infrastructure, plus monitoring, OS maintenance/patching, application maintenance, and more. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Pricing is determined by how many licenses and applications used.

Frequently Asked Questions

For organizations with concerns around the safety and security of hosting their data, systems or applications in the cloud, a Private Cloud solution offers complete peace of mind – a dedicated resource in the cloud without losing the protection or security that a traditional on premise solutions provides.
From pre-sales, Technical Support, Sales Managers, Support Teams and Account Managers, the Corporate IT Solution team are fully experienced and qualified to work with you to completely understand your requirements and develop the perfect solution. Our Engineers has one or more IT certifications from various organizations.
A simple yet profitable way to leverage Corporate IT solutions reputations, infrastructure, expertise and support by referring our services to your clients and contacts. Give us the lead and let us help your clients benefits from our service while getting free services in return.
Although all our monthly support services are one to five years contract, if for any reason you are not satisfied with our services you can cancel up to 60 days after the service has started.
Depending on the complexity of your website it can take from a 1 to 4 weeks between rough draft and proofing and delivering.
What if something went wrong and you need us right away? No problem we will come to you and cancel the scheduled visit if it is not needed.
Need us for a job, and you need a quote, the turn around time for quotes is the same day!!! YES THE SAME DAY.

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